1.  日常生活用語


It’s time for class. 上課時間到。

Stand up. 起立。

Bow. 敬禮。

Take your seat. 坐下。

Sit down (, please). 請坐下。

Good morning, class. 大家,早安。

Good afternoon, class。大家,午安

How are you today? 今天好嗎?


2.  教室用語


Let’s read it aloud. 一起朗讀出來。

Please look at the board. 請看黑板。

Please turn to page ten. 請翻開第十頁。

Could you repeat that? 請你再重複一遍好嗎?

Repeat after me. 跟著我重複一遍。

Once again./ One more time.再一次。

Put down/Pick up your pencil. 放下/拿起你的鉛筆。

No talking or shouting in class, please. 課堂中請別講話或喊叫。

Keep your voices low.down 小聲一點。

Be quiet./Quiet (, please). 請安靜。

Put your hand down (, please). 請把手放下。

Raise your hand if you have any questions. 如果你有任何問題請舉手。

You made progress on the test. 你考試有進步。

Nice try. 很好的嘗試。

Take it easy. 放輕鬆。

You can do it. 你做得到的。

Well done. 做得好。

Good job. 做得好。

Are you ready? 你準備好了嗎?

Come here (, please). 請到這裡來。

Come to the front, please. 請到前面來

Listen!/Listen to me!/Listen carefully! !/聽我說!/仔細聽!

Look here!看這裡!

Open/Close your book. 翻開/闔上你的書。

Take out/Put away your book. 把你的書拿出來/收起來。

Thank you. 謝謝。

You’re welcome. 不客氣。

Any questions? 有任何問題嗎?

Is it clear? 清楚嗎?有任何問題嗎?

It’s your turn. 輪到你了!

Write down the word/sentence (, please). 請寫下這個字/句子。

Are you done/finished? 你完成了嗎?

Go on./Continue. 繼續。

Hurry up (, please). 請快一些。

Make a sentence (, please). 請造一個句子。

Share the book (with your friends). 請共用這本書。

Work in pairs/groups. 兩人一組/分組練習

(Speak) Louder (, please). 請說大聲一點。

3.  教學內容說明


Please spell the word “book”. 請拼出book這個字。

Circle the right answer. 請圈出正確答案。

You have ten minutes to discuss with your group.


Listen to the CD and answer the following questions.


Find a partner and practice the dialogue.


4.  活動規則說明


I need five volunteers. 我需要五個自願者。

Any volunteers? 有沒有人自願?

Line up (, please). 請排隊。

Five minutes to go.還有五分鐘。

5.  活動進行中的指導用語


Go back to your seat, please. 請回座。

Whose turn is it? 輪到誰了?

Who’s next? 誰是下一個?

That’s okay/all right. 沒關係。

Keep trying. 繼續嘗試。

Time’s up. 時間到。

6.  作業指導用語


Hand in your homework to your group leader now. 現在把回家功課交給各組組長。

Bring the workbook with you for the next class.


We will have a test on the words reading/ dialogue/ grammaryou have learned today during the next class.




7.  其他



Do me a favor. 幫我一個忙。

Give me a hand (, please). 請幫我一個忙。

Goodbye./Bye. 再見。

See you tomorrow, class.明天見

Let’s have ten minutes break.下課十分鐘。



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